The interRAI Canada research group is a research, education and knowledge exchange cluster based at the School of Public Health and Health Systems, University of Waterloo, with a focus on promoting innovations in data, evidence, and application systems for the health and social service sectors. interRAI is a collaborative network of researchers in 32 countries committed to improving services for vulnerable populations including older persons, persons with disabilities and those affected by mental illness. Our goal is to promote evidence-informed clinical practice and policy decisions through the collection and interpretation of high quality data about the characteristics and outcomes of persons served across the continuum of care.

John P. Hirdes is the senior Canadian interRAI Fellow and he has served on the Board of interRAI since 1997. Dr. Hirdes chairs the interRAI Network of Canada, a collaborative network of researchers and graduate students from across Canada as well as the interRAI Network of Excellence in Mental Health, an international network focused specifically on interRAI's mental health instruments.